Exclusive Training Released

Dr. Dunbar

Exclusive Training Released

Don’t Train Your Dog Without Knowing This...

"How To Overcome All Your Dog's Frustrating Behavioral Issues Using 'Simple-Science' Dog Training Without Ever Yelling At Or Hurting Your Dog”

Dr. Dunbar’s Free Three-Part Training
Solve Any Dog Problem In 7 Days Or Less
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“I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted with my dog training...but as soon as I started learning from Ian Dunbar, everything aligned for me.”

- Fernando, NJ.

“I started with no knowledge, so to have him explain concepts like lure reward training, positive reinforcement training, all-or-none reward training, and had that be my starting point...I think it’s the greatest blessing I could have had.” 

- Jack, England

“Here’s what I have to say about Dr. Dunbar’s Science Based Dog Training...It works, hand’s down, it works!” 

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