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"How To Overcome All Your Dog's Frustrating Behavioral Issues Using 'Simple-Science' Dog Training Without Ever Yelling At Or Hurting Your Dog” 
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Here’s A Breakdown Of The Entire Training Curriculum:
Dunbar's Top Dog Academy gives you a comprehensive system to quickly put an end to all 
those frustrating dog behavioral issues so you can finally spend time with your dog doing what matters most: building a relationship you both deserve to have!

You’ll discover the simple science dog training secrets to overcome dozens of common dog and puppy behavioral issues with instructions and lectures from one of the world’s most skilled dog trainers.

In the Top Dog Academy you’ll have access to a self-paced virtual training membership where Dr. Dunbar helps you learn everything you need to stop unknowingly reinforcing your dogs undesired behaviors!

And because all of the classes are delivered online, you can take them anytime day or night, when it’s most convenient for you.

Course Outline: 
  • You’ll discover how to stop nuisance, incessant barking in dogs or puppies. So if your dog CONTINUOUSLY barks while in the car or when people come to visit or the doorbell rings, then this module is going to be just for you.
  • You'll also learn how to train your dog to bark only at important things
  • We’re also going to teach you how to prevent your dog from barking even when you’re not around to tell them to stop.
Pulling On Leash
  • In this module we are going to teach you how to EASILY train loose leash walking with your dog even if they are an aggressive puller (without ever using choke, pull harness or shock collars)
  • You will learn how to have stress-free loose leash walks.  If you have a dog that pulls on leash, gets over-excited, whines, or acts unhinged when they see other dogs while walking, then this training will change your life!
  • By the end of this training, walking your dog will be relaxing, enjoyable, controlled and a true bonding time.
Jumping Up & Hyperactivity
  • Learn how to stop your dog from jumping on guests or strangers (using a harmless technique that doesn't punish them for just trying to be sweet and greet people)
  • You'll see how to prevent your dog from aggressively greeting people when someone comes to the front door without having to put your dog on a leash or lock them in a room
  • Discover how to control your dogs hyperactivity, and put it on cue so you can use that energy when you want to enjoy a great play session with your dog
Recalls & Stays
  • Here you'll learn how to get your dog to focus on you even in a very rare event, that would normally have your dog bolting
  • We’re going to teach you how to get your dog to stop in their tracks and wait for you to get a hold of them or have them come back to you
  • You'll train your dog to have rock solid recall so that you can always be in control, call them and keep them safe even if your dog gets easily frustrated and loses their mind at even the smallest environmental triggers (like the sight of cars, other animals, noises, etc.)
Emotional Wellbeing
  • You’ll learn how to socialize your adult dog or puppy so they can feel comfortable around other dogs and people.
  • Handling your dog to ensure they aren't easily spooked or scared by something unexpected and even prepare them for visits vets
  • How to train your dog to be happy and confident when they are alone so you can prevent separation anxiety in new puppies, dogs, or rescues
  • Here you'll receive insights on assessing and determining your dogs level of reactivity and aggression
  • We’re also going to cover how to stop your dog from being reactive and how to be well behaved whenever you're out in public, on a walk or at a function with many dogs present.
  • If you want to change your dog from out of control to calm, well-mannered and loving (especially if you have the type of dog that chases the mailman, barks at the neighbors, and works themselves into a crazy fit every time they hear someone knock on the door) then this will be for you..
And More!
  • You’ll get additional training material ranging from the basics to some of our top training tips, all while keeping it fun, easy and harmless for you and your dog

Evolved Coaching Exclusive Mastermind Group
You'll also get access to a private student mastermind group where members share ideas, receive feedback, and set up COACHING PRACTICE
Connect With Other Coaches
  • You’ll be able to get direct feedback about your business from other coaches and you will have permanent access to a group of committed coaches just like YOU.
Live Biweekly Trainings with Joeel & Natalie
  • And every two weeks for 8 weeks, you’ll be able to ask US questions during live Q&A trainings.
Coaching Practice
  • You’ll build confidence, get valuable feedback and hone your coaching skill set before taking your coaching to real clients
  • You’ll have to opportunity to partner up with other committed coaches and guarantee your success by preventing mistakes before they happen
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Science Based Dog Training 
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Where you’ll learn effective and enjoyable dog training methods that are science-based and ready for real-world dog training
SIRIUS Academy Training
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For those of you who want to take your dog training skills to the next level!
Our Famous Growl Class Workshop Demo
(Normal Price $50)
This is where you’ll learn how to train your dog if it’s aggressive towards other dogs.
You’ll also get:
The Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting and Fighting
(Normal Price $50)
Reliability & Games Dog Training Workshop (2 Days)
(Normal Price $100)
For those of you who want to take your dog training skills to the next level!
The Quickest Way To Train Your Puppy Course
(Normal Price $50)
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BONUS: The Behavior Problem Crash Course
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BONUS: Dr. dunbar's digital Complete Collection
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Transform Your Dog
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We're offering this because we want you to get started, and to take action.

This material and the bonuses are some of the very best tools that we can give you to start to see changes in your dog’s behavior as soon as possible.
Here's Our "Love This Training" Guarantee
Here's our guarantee:
We are so confident that this will change your life that if you sign up today and you aren’t happy for ANY REASON just let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and we will refund your money. No questions asked. No monkey business.
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2 Payments of $99
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1 Payment of $197
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1 Payment of $197
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